Helena Nash & Greg Greer (formerly known as BUTTERFLY SKY)

A rhythmic, bluesy duet with intense harmonies, written by Greg in 2003. A song to groove along to while you wonder how a robber can steal a thief.

A sweet front-porch harmony ballad written in the Illinois farmhouse where Helena grew up. One night Greg awoke in the wee hours with a heavy heart looked to the beautiful starlit sky for solace. "Sweet magic starlight, won't you ease my troubled mind. Please ease all my heartache, so I can dance into your midnight light."

After a relationship ended in Boston years ago, Greg found himself dejectedly wandering about with guitar in tow, revisiting the places the pair used to go. At one special bench he mused at how two people can pass through the same sphere and yet have completely divergent paths. "And they say that love will come back to those who don't chase it down at all. But can the moon caress the sun in the evening sky where each of them must fall."

This song is about two lost souls who find themselves in a state of hopelessness, feeling that they have caused too much pain during their time on earth. Their succinct advice is, "Don't play with guns, love and lives."

An oft-requested favorite from the album, a duet chock full of harmonies. A vacation song. A kick-up-your-heels song. A dancing song. A sing-along song. Written for Greg's mom. "Put your cell phone in a lock box, have them forward all your calls. Make sure you leave enough food for the cat to eat, make sure somebody's walkin' your dog. Make sure you scream at the airport before you get on that plane, 'See you later alligator, I gotta catch you later, 'cause freedom is my name.'"

Helena sings this ballad that Greg wrote about a girl missing the father who went away. "Maybe she was the reason; she may never know. Misplaced through all the seasons, Christmas will come and go. There'll be no presents from her Daddy's hands. Maybe he's saying a prayer that she'll understand."

Written by Greg at a lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in the first month of touring with Helena. He was thinking how you never know what life will bring or when you'll fly. "Went out to the lake, trying to make the meaning of something, hurt my heart too much. Was it a mistake? Was I just biding time, making up rhymes? Count the cost to what it's worth... You never know where the end begins, but you have to try anyway. You never know 'til it takes off in your hands. You never know when your wings decide to open up one day, and you get carried away by a breeze that blows."

In Minocqua, Wisconsin, Greg was sitting in the bus thinking about how we're losing so much of what is natural and good in this world. "Birds are still trying to fly through those friendly skies. Jet planes, trains and automobiles. Smog is growing thicker and there's too much liquor being sold with bikinis on a young man's TV screen... It's too bad we're going blind. Winter, spring and summer sure were fine. The seasons used to change, but now I'm too deranged. And it's too bad we're going blind."

Helena wrote this acappella song in late 2001. Its flowing middle-eastern flavored melodies explore how all people want freedom, but have different ways of comprehending just what freedom is. Hearing each other's hearts gives us a glimmer of hope for peace and understanding. The song begins, "You have soiled my soul. You defile my God. I cannot condone your existence here on this earth," and ends in the same voice with, "Free to praise the eastern skies. Free to raise our children well. Freedom to walk through heaven's door. Freedom to... We want freedom, too." Healing requires love and compassion and the act of really listening first, even when a person disagrees strongly with another's view.

One fine summer day in Chicago Greg walked to a little park that he'd seen from the Navy Pier ferris wheel. When he arrived he found a gold-framed, faded picture of a young soldier sitting atop a Vietnam War Memorial. The young man had thrown himself on a grenade to save three other soldiers. Greg felt anew how immensely sad it is that we bring babies into this world only to see them die in yet another war.

A song full of harmonies and written when Greg and Helena were in Dallas picking up their bus, only 17 weeks after they met and began singing together. Struggling to trust someone to take your dream to heart as you do and opening your life to that person to dream with you is a difficult and beautiful experience. "Words come out too hard when I'm talking to you, afraid you'll disregard what it is we're trying to do. You know I've had this dream of standing on the stage. Seems so many things got in the way... So if you're one of me and if I'm one of you, let's see what we can see, do what we gotta do. Would you like to dream with me?..."

Greg accompanies himself on piano in this beautiful ballad about being drawn to the road and longing for the person you love. "Now the road is calling through my happiness. Though I stand like a child, this man must move on. Please don't ask me why it's like this. And while my heart is breaking to see your tears, 'I'll be back someday' just seems to cruel to say, when you're close at heart... The loneliness will come, the silence too much, and when I long for you there in my times of despair, when I just need your touch, I'll say a prayer only God understands that He gives me the strength and the patience to wait just to see you again, to be close at heart."

updated: 10 years ago