Venice, California = Home

2:34 a.m. in Venice, California. Three blocks from the ocean and three blocks from the nearest yoga studio is a wonderful place to live!

There's no question that a new chapter has begun in my life. Do you ever feel like you BELONG to be exactly wherever you are? I'm there. And swimming in a sea of gratitude!

That doesn't mean EVERYTHING is suddenly easy, but it does mean that a lot of things are created as if by magic.

Tonight I sang kirtan at an event sponsored by Bhakti Fest - a powerful kirtan and yoga festival in Joshua Tree, California. My work with Bhakti Fest was the impetus for opening my mind and heart to the idea of living here. And then it just felt RIGHT to move here, a fact which surprised me mightily (LA??! - Really?! - Yep.).

Thanks to Heather and Benjy Wertheimer of Shantala for introducing me to kirtan several years ago, and to touring partner Joe Jencks for introducing me to Shantala! And thanks to Suzanne Sterling for announcing Bhakti Fest at her kirtan at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago and for my friend and yoga instructor Nancy Nesyto-Freske for inviting me to it. And to their teachers, etc., etc... It's like looking at a meal on your plate. So much gratitude to give for all the connecting pieces of the path.

I am writing and working on my guitar chops and singing more kirtan than ever before (with a soul/world music/slightly jazz flavored bent). The world of harmony and vocal improvisation (using the voice as an instrument) continue to be my place of flight. I'm also making some art and presently reading "Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage" by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love" - I sure do love her writing style) and "Living Yoga: A Comprehensive Guide for Daily Life." A couple times a week I go to Agape to rehearse for a West African Dance presentation on March 21. We're doing a dance in the Sunu tradition.

I've also just begun to offer my organizational services under a new name in the LA area: Chaos 2 Clarity. (Email me directly at I don't come at this work from a neat freak mentality but from this perspective: When we work together to clear the stagnant and chaotic energy that results from accumulated clutter and disorganization, we re-empower your purpose and reconnect you with your joy. Wow, right? And it really happens that way!


I am honored and grateful to know so many amazing people and to be welcomed so warmly into this new community. Thank you! May our moments together be healing, empowered, joy-filled and always imbued with a sense of love and abundance.

In gratitude, harmony, love and light,

updated: 6 months ago